Dinner On The Go: Walmart Expands Meal Kit To More Stores

Source Walmart

Source Walmart

The brick and mortar chain will now be offering not only meal kits but also "one - step meals" in 250 more stores, according to a report released on Monday.

Given the massive scope of Walmart's grocery business, the meals could depress sales at restaurant chains if shoppers may choose to grab a quick and cheap dinner from Walmart.

The company in its strategic re-alignment also seeks to smash off its competitors such as Amazon, Blue Apron Holdings, Meal-Kit purveyor etc. on various aspects including pricing, packaging and also the culinary experience.

The new meal options serve two people and range between $8 and $15.

Responding to Amazon's launch of Whole Foods grocery delivery through Amazon Prime Now, the largest United States reatiler Walmart has announced its plans to provide ready to eat meal kits priced between $8 nd $15 at, starting with 250 ourlets today.

Selections include basil garlic chicken and steak Dijon. "We're here to help", noted Tyler Lehr, SVP and general merchandise manager, Deli Services, Walmart U.S.

Pre-portioned Meal Kits - want to make a delicious meal, but skip the shopping list, chopping and measuring?

Last May, Amazon opened two test locations in Seattle that allow Amazon Prime subscribers to place a grocery order online and then pick it up at a drive-through window.

For Walmart, the meal push also may let it get more out of its deli section. In fact, these programs require the subscription, because frequent purchases are required for supplying the necessary items.

Several companies, including Walmart, are focusing their efforts on reaching customers in new ways including home delivery and online ordering and curbside pickup.

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