BlackBerry Jumping On Bezel-Less Bandwagon As Well

BlackBerry GHOST Leaks! And It Looks Pretty Awesome

BlackBerry Believes 850000 Shipped Units Of KeyOne Was A Success

Going by the name of BlackBerry Ghost, the smartphone has been defined as "a bezel-less premium Android handset", to be launched in India soon.

BlackBerry is gearing up to announce a new bezel-less premium Android smartphone called "Ghost" in India, though an exact launch date is unclear at this point. The report goes on to mention that Optiemus, which is an Indian telecom giant and also holds the BlackBerry license, may well be involved in the manufacturing of the device. Nearly two years ago, BlackBerry said it would outsource its smartphone making business to development partners, and that could probably be the reason Optiemus is the main driving force of the "Ghost".

As you can tell from the image, which was leaked by Evan Blass, the unannounced device looks very sleek.

Blass has been specific about BlackBerry Ghost launching soon in India. There is BB Merah Putih for Indonesia and Optiemus Infracom in India. As of now, there is no information about other markets that we may also see the BlackBerry Ghost coming in.

For the uninitiated, BlackBerry sold the rights to the BlackBerry brand to Chinese phone maker TCL.

On the other hand, this might be because BlackBerry is using a different metric to decide whether the sales were a success or not. TCL's BlackBerry phones for 2017 all featured midrange chipset.

Mahieu also spoke to CNET recently, saying that the next goal would be to capture at least three percent of the premium smartphone market with its own offering, which would translate to about 10 million units sold each year.

"In terms of establishing BlackBerry and KEYone over the past year". The phone is completely covered in glass in front and has a metal frame. BlackBerry's new mission is to now inform people that they can have all their favorite apps on a BlackBerry phone.

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