Bay Area officials challenge lawsuit filed against California over immigration policies

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions to make 'major sanctuary' jurisdiction announcement in Sacramento

Trump administration sues California for its sanctuary state legislation

The lawsuit would block California laws that extend protections to people in the United States without documentation.

Sacramento police say nobody was arrested in connection with the protests Wednesday outside a hotel where Sessions spoke to California law enforcement officials.

Sessions was speaking to an audience full of law enforcement, and he insisted that the Justice Department would win their lawsuit against California, which is only one of the major beefs - along with its legalization of marijuana smoking - that he holds with the state.

Sessions' appearance at California's capital comes less than two weeks after Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf warned residents of an imminent raid by federal immigration agents, a move harshly criticized by ICE.

"ICE agents do incredible work every dya and they're not backing down, they're not going to be deterred and we're not going to stop enforcing the law in Alabama or California either for that matter", Sessions stated. The Department of Justice then instituted a policy that would withhold grant money from local law enforcement that didn't comply with federal immigration law, which was also overturned in court. "How dare you needlessly endanger the lives of law enforcement officials just to promote a radical open borders agenda?"

"The provisions of state law at issue have the objective and effect of making it more hard for federal immigration officers to carry out their responsibilities in California", Justice Department lawyers wrote, according to the Post. Our statutes are in compliance with federal law.

The California laws were passed in response to Trump's promises to sharply ramp up the deportation of people living in the USA illegally.

"A refusal to apprehend and deport those, especially the criminal element, effectively rejects all immigration law. We expect the federal government to do the same", Becerra said at the press conference. California officials remained defiant, with Democratic Gov. It was carried by state Senate leader Kevin de León, a candidate for U.S. Senate, who has led the anti-Trump resistance in the Legislature.

And, echoing California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones, Brown attacked Sessions's own Southern origins, saying that the Golden State did not need "a fellow from AL coming to talk to us about secession and protecting human and civil rights".

Schaaf issued an unusual public warning last month about an immigration operation in Northern California. Jerry Brown told reporters Wednesday. And those who take the law and illegality.

"California, we have a problem", he said while discussing the Justice Department's newly launched lawsuit against California. "I call upon him to apologize to the people of California for bringing the mendacity of Washington to California and trying to insert discord and division, and I might add dysfunctionality, in a state that's really working". On Wednesday, Attorney General Jeff Sessions appeared in Sacramento, where he announced the lawsuit while expressing outrage in what can only be characterized as a lecture. He said the mayor's alert allowed 800 "criminals" to escape ICE agents during a statewide sweep that netted 232 people.

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