Bachelor 'Robert Mueller' Can't Commit To Trump Collusion In Heartbreaking 'SNL'

Kate Mc Kinnon as Attorney General Jeff Sessions Cecily Strong as Contestant during


Saturday Night Live kicked off this weekend's show with a mashup of two big (and entirely unrelated) stories from the week: The Bachelor season finale - in which the show's titiular suitor chose one contestant as his bride-to-be, only to later film their breakup and propose to another - and special counsel Robert Mueller's ongoing investigation into Russia's meddling in the 2016 election. McKinnon's Mueller was the Bachelor, telling a contestant, played by current castmember Cecily Strong, that he could not commit to a Trump collusion indictment.

The Mueller sketch served as the cold open and saw McKinnon as Mueller in a bit parodying the breakup from the Bachelor finale, where Mueller says he "can't commit to collusion".

To which a stunned Becca replied, "You don't have Trump on collusion?"

"I think I need to explore the possibility that I have a stronger case with some other stuff", Mueller replies.

The sketch, which starts out slow but amps up to some darkly amusing moments, depicts Strong's Becca increasingly in denial about the possibility that Donald Trump won't get indicted.

"This is so f*cking embarrassing".

"Collusion is the only thing I've been looking for the past year", Becca said through a split screen that hilariously capturing them both in the true reality TV fashion.

After some time alone crying, Becca emerges from a locked room and asks, "So that's it?"

But so far, Mueller hasn't pulled the trigger on the big guy where it counts most-on charges of collusion or worse, with the Russians.

Mueller then gingerly follows Becca, and despite her protestations that she doesn't want to see him, convinces her to come sit with him to talk things through. You watch as Strong struggles to keep her emotions in check while she ponders the reality of six more years with a narcissistic sociopath running the country.

"So that's it? He's just going to be president?" she asked Mueller.

Becca asked a disappointed Mueller.

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