Asheville African-American Man Punched and Stunned by Cop for Jaywalking

Johnnie Jermaine Rush being arrested and beaten for jaywalking

Johnnie Jermaine Rush being arrested and beaten for jaywalking

They also launched an internal affairs investigation and informed the district attorney.

At the beginning of the meeting, police chief Tammy Hooper was detailing the timeline of the investigation into officer Chris Hickman, who was shown on video beating and shocking Johnnie Rush with a stun gun on Short Coxe Avenue last August.

Tensions flared at a community meeting in North Carolina on Wednesday, following the release of police dash-cam video from last August.

At one point Rush attempts to run, and Hickman says "You know what's amusing is you're going to get f--ed up hardcore".

"He never went back on the streets", she said of Hickman, before her remarks were cut short by audience interruptions.

Hickman, 31, who resigned from the Asheville Police Department in January, was charged Thursday with assault by strangulation, assault inflicting serious injury and communicating threats. "I'm exhausted!" The video then shows Hickman tasering Rush, choking him, beating his skull.

His comment can't be heard, but Hickman responds: "Oh it's a 'Please" now is it?' Hickman says. Hickman resigned in January just as he was about to be fired.

The city also filed a petition Monday asking for more body-camera recordings of the incident to be released on belief that doing so "is necessary to provide the public with full disclosure of the circumstances surrounding the arrest" and "to provide the public with all relevant information to understand the events that transpired".

According to The Daily Mail, The Citizen-Times newspaper published footage of the attack last week, which came from the body camera footage of one of the officers.

The two police officers approach him and force him to ground. As Rush runs, the officer says, "You know what's amusing is you're going to get f-- up hardcore".

The statement added that the city council would be calling for an audit of the Asheville Police Department and the staff's decision-making process related to its failure in notifying council members about the incident.

Now, the Buncombe County District Attorney's Office has confirmed that Hickman will face preliminary assault charges, according to CNN.

Rush was then tasered twice as he's held on the ground and is choked as he breathlessly tells the cops, "I can't breathe".

The video sparked outrage in the community and citizens were questioning the police chief about why the video was withheld from the public for so long.

The FBI were then called to investigate, and Williams hopes that criminal charges will be forthcoming.

The firm representing Rush is no stranger to high-profile civil rights cases including seeking justice for the "Wilmington 10" and for school desegregation in Charlotte.

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