Arizona Governor suspends Uber self-driving cars after fatal crash

Uber's self-driving ambitions are in doubt after the fatal accident that happened March 18.   Gene J. Puskar  AP

Uber's self-driving ambitions are in doubt after the fatal accident that happened March 18. Gene J. Puskar AP

While he did not say so explicitly, Shashua seemed to implicitly criticize Uber and its approach to self-driving cars. Many companies are testing their "self-driving cars" or "robot taxies" on roads.

Waymo, Alphabet's self-driving auto subsidiary that settled a trade secrets dispute with Uber in February, told Forbes that their vehicles would have avoided the crash.

"We invite automakers, technology companies in the field, regulators, and other interested parties to convene so we can solve these important issues together". The accident raised concern among some segments of the public who fear the technology may not be ready for public roads. A report in the New York Times supports the assertion that Uber's autonomous vehicle program was experiencing difficulties. Khosrowshahi's trip was called "Milestone 1: Confidence" in the company documents. California demands companies testing these cars disclose how many times humans must take over the systems - a rare requirement that sent some firms to other states with less-stringent regulation.

In an unsurprising move, Waymo is throwing a bit of shade at its competitor - a competitor that it recently settled out of court with over an allegation that Uber was using stolen trade secrets.

In a statement to Engadget, an Uberspokerson said "We proactively suspended self-driving operations in all cities immediately following the tragic incident last week". It is not clear when the company will revive them. With time, Uber has invented the autonomous vehicle which belongs to the self-driving auto technology series. Herzberg was pushing a bike over a roadway, outside of a crosswalk, when she was hit; based on a video of the incident, neither the vehicle nor the safety driver behind the wheel seem to have reacted.

A video shot from the vehicle's dashboard camera showed the safety driver looking down, away from the road. Experts who watched the footage said that the sensors on the autonomous SUV should have seen Herzberg pushing her bicycle and braked before impact was made, even though the incident occurred at night.

Scarpinato said the governor wants to see the results of the federal investigation into the Uber incident. We're heartbroken by what happened this week, and our cars remain grounded. "We do not know how the Uber system of decision-making works".

Almost a week after an autonomous Uber SUV claimed the first life in testing of self-driving vehicles, the CEO of another tech company says he is confident its cars would have performed differently under the circumstances. "Because that was an accident that was in a vehicle that had technology representing the self-driving space".

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