A nun has died during Katy Perry's court hearing

Nun In Legal Battle With Katy Perry Over Property Dies In Court

Nun Embroiled in Katy Perry Legal Conflict Dies at 89

The two sisters, who are of the original five, have always claimed to be the rightful owners of the convent having lived their since 1973 until their leave in 2011. The nuns were trying to sell the Los Angeles convent against the Archdiocese's wishes. A legal battle involving Katy Perry and a group of nuns is like the premise for a Sick Sad World bit from Daria (shout out to my 90's boys out there) and has now at least in part been linked to one nun's death.

A judge ruled in 2016 that the nuns' sale to Hollister was invalid, paving the way to a purchase by Perry from the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.

Gomez added that he has offered a Mass for "the repose of her soul". However, when Perry expressed an interest in the property and got involved, a legal squabble ensued.

Holzman was one of two nuns that tried to sell an 8-acre convent in Los Feliz, their home as Sisters of the Most Holy and Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary for four decades, to restaurant owner Dana Hollister, who planned to turn the convent into a boutique hotel.

In December 2017, a judge order Hollister to pay nearly $10 million in compensatory damages to the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and Katy for attempting to interfere with the proposed sale. Please archbishop. Do what is right in your heart, ' Callahan begged in the televised interview just before her friend's death.

"Katy Perry represents everything we don't believe in", Holzman told Billboard.

Sister Catherine previously spoke out against selling the property to the "Roar" hitmaker, insisting that Katy was the wrong person to maintain the convent's legacy.

A jury agreed with Katy Perry and the Catholic Church that Hollister had acted with malice, and awarded them $10 million.

And they're also making a plea to Perry herself.

She collapsed during a court hearing in Los Angeles Friday, in what has been a protracted effort by the nuns to keep Perry from taking ownership of the property. "It's not doing anyone any good except hurting a lot of people", Holzman said. "It would be a sin to sell to her".

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