10th-grader arrested in connection with threat

West Hills High School

West Hills High School in Santee

"In working with the Chesterfield Police Department, a West High student has admitted to posting this threat and is not at West High today". The students' parent took the student to school Thursday and notified school administration.

Bentonville police arrested a 10th-grader accused of threatening to use a gun on campus.

A Torrington High School student has been arrested for allegedly threatening his school.

Footage of a Western Heights High School student viciously kicking another student in the head went viral online yesterday after it was posted on Facebook by an outraged parent whose child also attends the school. As a District we will continue to monitor this case closely and to remain vigilant as we work collaboratively with our staff, students, parents and partners to maintain our of our schools and safe and healthy learning environments. "We appreciate the quick action of the student who saw the post and followed the concept of 'If you see something, say something, '" the message read. Jaeger also said students had never been briefed on the school's security measures and procedures, like threat assessments, until last week at the forum.

An investigation is underway with added police presence at the school.

School officials laid everything out from threat assessment procedures to the process of reporting threats. "The Chesterfield Police's investigation is ongoing, and the department will provide additional presence tomorrow morning in the interest of student safety, as our safety is of the upmost importance". Jaeger said while teachers had been trained, most didn't tell their students about what they learned.

Jaeger said she agreed that only having in-school consequences, like suspension, doesn't deter students the same way legal consequences do.

She said they will be having their protest on the home side of the Lassiter football stadium that will be accessible only by one entrance and exit point. For purposes of the release I will refer to him as "Student A".

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