YouTube suspends Logan Paul's ad revenue because he's still making bad decisions

Logan Paul

Logan Paul

Paul removed the video a week later and apologized, but YouTube made a decision to scale back its relationship with the vlogger anyway. YouTube responded by suspending monetization on his channel and adding an age-restriction to it, which will probably hurt him when monetization is turned back on because the people who like Logan Paul are 12 at the oldest. It will also reserve the right to stop recommending a channel's videos across its network if the channel is seen as harmful to the YouTube community. YouTube says that they suspended the advertising because Logan Paul's behavior could be "damaging to the broader creator community".

The YouTube creator came under fire once again for several disturbing behaviors.

In a statement on Friday, YouTube said that the video was in contravention of its advertising guidelines, so they slapped an age restriction warning on it (a significant move, given Logan Paul's young audience), and announced that they were temporarily pulling his advertising. He has also used inappropriate tags for videos and most egregiously, encouraged people to participate in the Tide Pod Challenge in which people eat Tide Pod detergent packs.

The latest controversy surrounding the rats has prompted more outcry from the public accusing Paul of disrespecting dead bodies. Following huge backlash, Paul publicly apologized and to suicide prevention organizations. Neistat reached out directly to YouTube chief business officer Robert Kyncl, who sat down for an interview about the matter, Neistat said in a video. "This is not a decision we made lightly".

After several weeks away from the public eye, Paul posted a vide on his channel on January 24 focused on mental health and pledged to donate $1 million to suicide prevention. But the line he crossed didn't actually exist until after he crossed it, because the only way to know you've crossed the line is when media organizations start writing about how YouTube needs to do something. According to experts, Paul may have been making more than a million dollars a month from the ads on his YouTube videos. Paul also took fish out of a pond to give them CPR.

Paul is one of the highest-profile stars YouTube has sanctioned so far. Advertising makes up a huge portion of income for YouTubers.

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