Watch Natalie Portman's 3 Best 'SNL' Skits From Last Night

Natalie Portman brought back 'Natalie Raps' segment during second time hosting 'Saturday Night Live'

Natalie Portman brought back'Natalie Raps segment during second time hosting'Saturday Night Live

Natalie Portman defended the Star Wars prequels and parodied Cardi B's "Bodak Yellow" in "Natalie's 2nd Rap", the follow-up to her first comedy rap song from 12 years ago. Plus, Portman reprised her role as Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and even played Eleven from Stranger Things.

Last night on Saturday Night Live, host Natalie Portman led the cast in a Stranger Things-themed sketch that was nothing short of flawless.

"Natalie's 2nd Rap" The sequel is never as good as the original, but this is still a pretty amusing "SNL" sketch. Tina Fey and Rachel Dratch also dropped to play colonial-era activists in a sketch about annoying Super Bowl fans. The patriots from New England are proud of the five victories in battle while citizens from Philadelphia are eager to prove themselves.

"Do you find it hard juggling kids and a career?" he asks.

Not everyone is as cool as Eleven.

"So Natalie, the last time you were here I heard things got a little out of control", the interviewer Beck Bennett asked Portman, referencing one of the USA comedy show's most popular sketches of all time. Nine (Cecily Strong) can read minds but her side effect is farting, and Five (Pete Davidson) can run really fast but he gets an erection every time it happens. "SNL" will return to NBC on March 3 at 11:30 p.m. EST.

In other SNL news, Migos have been announced as the musical guests for the 3/3 episode with host Charles Barkley.

Yes, Natalie Portman returned to Saturday Night Live this weekend, and yes, they produced a sequel to her 2006 classic.

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