This Is Us Finally Reveals How Jack Died

How Does Jack Die on 'This Is Us'?

This Is Us: On Survivor Guilt and Why I Kind of Understand Kevin Now

Calling the episode "very, very exciting", he says, "It's one of the most emotional episodes we've ever done, but there is a silver lining to it, and there's an uplift to the episode". He grabs her mattress and uses it as a shield as he takes her to the bedroom, his hands being badly burned in the process. A couple excruciating minutes later, Jack heroically bursts out of the house, carrying Louie, as well as a pillowcase full of family mementos, including a photo album, Kate's audition tape, and Rebecca's moon necklace. Rebecca told Randall and Kate, and Kate went to Sophie's home to inform Kevin.

Later at the hospital, everything looks OK after a doctor examines Jack. He has awful news: Jack just went into cardiac arrest and died.

In a powerful scene of Mandy Moore breaking down over Milo Ventimiglia's dead body, she then collects herself, fills out the necessary forms, and heads to Miguel's, her eyes deadened and teary. But she tells him that he needs to pull himself together.

"When I went to my mother and father's house for Christmas, I walk in the door and I go right into the kitchen, no one's around, and the first thing I see is a slow-cooker making chili", he shared. More goodbyes are expected in the funeral episode.

Leading into the special post-Super Bowl installment of the tearjerker drama, Jack's final fate seemed known - surely he died in the house fire a faulty appliance sparked in the previous episode.

"There's a lot of life left in him - even in death, there's a lot of life left in Jack".

Another debate about the timing of Jack's death centers on the cast on Kevin's leg. Rebecca was seen crying outside of the burnt ruins of the house with a bag of Jack's things on the vehicle seat beside her. Jack says he can get him. We've told that story. In order to make sure you have even more time to cry, the February 4 episode will run about three minutes longer than usual, according to EW. Luckily Beth jumps in and throws on the Puppy Bowl. Randall reassures his daughter that he will always support her. "It was just Jack and Rebeca sitting there, as they have in the past, reflecting on what the hospital means to them". After that, they get a phone call from who they think will be Jordan, who they're teasing as their next foster child. Crushed at the loss of her husband, and what she had to do to step up and do for her kids. Instead, we soon realize we've flashed forward as an older, grayer Randall visits a grown-up Tess, now a social worker, at her office. It's finally time to find out how the best imperfect father figure in current TV series, the drunk who'd do anything for his family and whom you've grown to love over the past two years, will actually die.

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