Qualcomm shares flatten as reports say Apple may scrap its chips

2018 iPhone Models to Exclusively Use Intel Modems Ditching Qualcomm Report

2018 iPhones to rely solely on Intel baseband chips, KGI claims

However, Apple is a very shrewd operator and could offer Qualcomm a share in the chip supply in return for an out of court settlement in the patent lawsuit settlement.

A report in 9to5mac said that Intel's chip will support dual SIM and dual standby. Ming-Chi Kuo says Apple's decision to switch to Intel for iPhone 11 chips would add further pressure on Qualcomm.

Apple refreshing the fairly popular iPhone SE this 2018 remains on shaky ground, and if indeed a new model will materialize, it's not expected to generate earth-shaking excitement.

According to Taiwanese business group KGI Securities, Apple shared baseband chip orders for iPhone 7 with Qualcomm and Intel.

This report is the latest in the growing tension between Apple and Qualcomm over a major lawsuit on anticompetitive licensing practices. Apple initially agreed, and even extended that contract, but in 2016 it balked and began mixing Qualcomm and Intel parts. While the ever-reliable Apple tipster believes that the next-gen iPhone X2 will arrive later this year, users should not expect that there will be any grand updates from its predecessor. The analyst also believes all 2018 iPhones will feature logic boards, first seen on the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, while the 6.1-inch variant will make do with the conventional single-layer layout. As mentioned, the iPhone SE managed to attract a loyal following, and credit goes to its more-than-decent specs and functionalities.

Interestingly, benchmark tests suggest that iPhone X handsets equipped with Qualcomm modems have better LTE performance than those equipped with Intel hardware.

Qualcomm and Apple have been working together for quite some time now. If you want to manufacture a phone that has the ability to send and receive data or one capable of a high-speed internet connection, you more than likely have to get a license from Qualcomm.

The new iPhones will be hitting the market this year and there are certain changes that we know for sure are going to happen when the new phones release. Also, Intel might not be ready for 5G support by the time Qualcomm brings 5G. Instead, it's rumoured that Apple will contract Intel as its sole provider of cellular modems, trading out its reliance on one chipmaker for another.

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