PUBG Banned Over a Million Cheating Players Last Month

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Over 1 million PUBG cheaters banned in January but it's “escalating”

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds developers have reported that they will be implementing anti-cheating measures into the game today at 6:00 p.m. PST. Some of these, like ReShade, would change the color saturation to make it easier to spot enemies, but those programs will no longer be allowed while playing PUBG. The developers ask that it be uninstalled if you want to continue to play the game.

Bluehole has an entire team dedicated to combating cheaters, and plans to release a new internally-developed anti-cheat solution soon.

Some programs that do not affect gameplay may be blocked temporarily as we hone the new anti-cheat features. There are PUBG cheats which allow scumbag players to withstand damage, see where enemies are located at on the map, and numerous other silly exploits.

Now, PUGB Corp has emphasised that players who use ReShade won't be banned, and that they just won't be able to play the game until they remove the program. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) is no different, and it has its fair share of cheaters that ruin the experience for everyone else. So it goes without saying that delays for the next round of anti-cheat tools is pretty much the last thing any PUBG player wanted to hear about this week. "Thank you for your understanding".

One of the biggest problems plaguing the incredibly successful PUBG, is the huge number of cheaters rearing their ugly heads and spoiling the fun for everyone else. "However, BattlEye, a part of our anti-cheat solution, has blocked ReShade".

PUBG Corp. stated that it will block any program that is considered a cheat or is used for such purposes. Are you waiting for the arrival of this new update? If you encounter a player you suspect of cheating, please use the report function.

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