Pelosi Protests Stall In Immigration Talks With Marathon House Speech

Nancy Pelosi has been telling DREAMer stories for 7 hours. And she's still talking

Pelosi Makes Epic, Hours Long Speech For DACA

Pelosi comfortably eclipse both even though she struggled just after the five-hour mark, sniffing repeatedly from what she suggested was an allergic reaction to the dust from the House carpeting. So she's showing her and her caucus's commitment to the cause the only way she can - by making as much noise as possible for as long as possible. Thank you to our #Dreamers.

Wearing four-inch heels and forgoing any breaks, Pelosi read touching and personal letters from the young immigrants whose temporary protection from deportation is set to expire next month.

While Pelosi spoke, immigration activists rallied in Washington and threatened retribution against the congressional Democrats who abandoned the strategy of demanding that a budget accord be paired with an immigration deal. Some liberal Democrats opposed it because it does not include an agreement to protect from deportation hundreds of thousands of "Dreamers", young people brought illegally to the United States as children. Asked Wednesday if leadership is instructing its members any particular way, House Democratic Caucus Chairman Joe Crowley demurred.

"We have to be strong as a country ... to respect the aspirations of people who are our future", Pelosi said on the House floor. She read several hundred letters from adults who were brought to the small children and have gone on to achieve and contribute unbelievable things to the only country they've ever known.

She added, "Our plea to the speaker is for us, for ourselves, to honor the values of our founders".

More than seven hours later, she was still talking.

The Kentucky Republican argued that Democrats were never going to get a commitment from Ryan. "But I anticipate that if 30, 40 Democrats vote for it, it would pass".

In addition, the budget deal is focused on lifting budget caps in order to provide $659 billion for the Pentagon.

Speaker Paul Ryan still maintains that he will not hold a debate or vote on immigration reform within the House unless the discussed plan is approved by the president. Mrs Pelosi said her support for a new bill-a $300bn spending deal cut by Democrats and Republicans in the Senate-was dependent upon Mr Ryan promising a vote to save the Dreamers. "It's time to get the job done". She said that personally, she still needed to study what finally passes but it "likely would promise some big challenges for me".

"We've laid out what we would like to see in immigration legislation and I think it's something Nancy Pelosi should support and hopefully she'll come on board", she said during the White House briefing Wednesday. "One moment they say this the other they say that then they shutdown the government I just don't know", says Guadarrama. "Let Congress work its will".

But Pelosi and Democrats are anxious he won't bring an immigration bill to the floor even if it passes the Senate, especially if it doesn't include everything the president wants, like funding for a border wall. GOP opposition to the plan was credited with helping to start the Tea Party movement.

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