Over 1600 Terrorists 'Neutralised' By Turkey In Syria

Turkey and US agree to mend ties over Syria

Turkey and US to step back from brink over Syria

"The attacks on Afrin by the Turkish army and groups of the Free Syrian Army, controlled by Turkey, have entered the fourth week - they launch massive airstrikes and employ heavy weaponry".

A doctor at Afrin's main hospital tells The Associated Press that the facility was treating six people who had been poisoned who arrived Friday night from the village of Arandi after it was attacked by Turkish troops.

Al-Sheikh Hadid is located 30km to the west of the city of Afrin.

Doctors in Syria spoke to several local and worldwide news outlets, claiming they had to treat six civilians after a Turkish shelling in Syria's Afrin region.

"We are aware of the reports but we can not confirm them", said the White House official, who wished to remain anonymous, referring to recent claims of the use of chemical weapons by the Turkish military.

Aktay also said that the Turkish army was taking the operation slower than its potential to avoid civilian casualties.

The PYD/YPG has come to control large swaths of northern Syria, including Afrin, in the course of the Syrian war, particularly through fighting against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) in an US-backed umbrella organisation named Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

The complex relationship between the Damascus government and Syrian Kurdish forces, which each holds more territory than any other side in the war, will be pivotal in how the conflict unfolds.

Anadolu Agency reporters in the region said that the villages of upper and lower Hecika and Dervish Ubashi in Rajo, western Afrin were cleared of PYD/PKK terrorists as part of the ongoing Operation Olive Branch.

The US support for SDF has infuriated Turkey and created the ongoing diplomatic crisis between the two North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies.

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