Monster Hunter World Celebration Item Pack Is Free For All

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Xbox One owners, and PS4 players who don't also own Street Fighter V, will get the chance to unlock the Ryu armor set at a later date. You might be used to chasing after your prey in Monster Hunter World by now, but all you have to do to get this pack is log in.

High rank begins once you hit the 6-star missions which means you'll be fighting tougher versions of the monsters you've already fought, including Anjanath, and you will be getting better drops as a result.

Have you gotten yours yet?

There is also the Digital Deluxe Edition which will come with a Samurai Set Skin, three gestures, two sticker set, new face paint and hairstyle.

Taking all of this into consideration, Capcom's decision to offer up some free in-game items for Monster Hunter World fans will surely be received well by the action role-playing game's player base.

Once you have enough to create Tranquility Bombs or nets to make traps for a large monster, you'll be ready to hunt and capture. These tickets, plus the needed monster parts, can then be taken to a smithy to trade them in for a new Ryu armor set. "Use any number of a vast array of traps. lures and weapons as well as the living ecosystem around you to overcome your quarry".

The first DLC coming to Monster Hunter World is Deviljho, a Monster Hunter regular, which will be a true test of your skills.

Capcom has yet to distribute information about the second "Street Fighter V" collaboration event that will bring Sakura's full armor to gamers.

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