Meet the Russian model scouted by Gucci after battling brain surgery

Gucci fall ’18.		Rex Shutterstock

Gucci fall ’18. Rex Shutterstock

And while some of the models carried throwback style handbags and colorful clutches (we want them all), a select few were given the creepiest accessory of all time - their own heads in wax form. The unique accessories were showcased with models walking a runway created to look like a combined operating room and the waiting room at a doctor's office, designed by Alessandro Michele for the iconic Italian fashion brand.

The luxury brand kicked off Milan Fashion Week with its Fall/Winter 2018 collection, filled with an eclectic mix of colors, prints, and textures.

Anyone else getting "Game of Thrones" vibes? According to Vogue, the luxury brand created these eerily lifelike replicas over a period of a whopping six months.

Alessandro combined forces with techno-artisan company Makinarium to make moulds of the models' heads and also used 3D printers to make the finished design.

The male and female model walked single file behind one another during the show. "This is not cutting edge, @gucci - this is just ridiculous!"

At the fashion house's Fall-Winter 2018 show in Milan, set against the backdrop of an operating theatre, models carried snakes, baby dragons, and replicas of their own severed heads down the runway.

If you look closely, you can not actually tell the difference between the real human head and the fake human head.

It's not the only weird fashion trend to be seen on the catwalk recently.

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