Mardi Gras shootings leave three dead, several injured in New Orleans

Operation Lost Kids activated now through Mardi Gras

Operation Lost Kids activated now through Mardi Gras

The Magick of the MaskLilith Dorsey of Voodoo Universe in a Mardi Gras Indian SuitIn the city of New Orleans it was illegal to mask between 1817 and 1823. "Some people still have damage they're working on but they're out here smiling, they're happy, they're singing, it's just great", said Citrus Park resident Paul Pedigo. Then they are going to get a good spot outside a po'boy sandwich shop to watch the Zulu parade. "My clarinet and I have always been celebrating here in 'the Nawth, '" Shultz said.

The Holy Angels' Columbiette sponsor a Mardi Gras party every year.

Many scholars agree that the first Mardi Gras happened in New Orleans in 1699.

Christensen came up with the idea of making Mardi Gras-style king cakes in Alaska as a fund raising tool for the Soup Kitchen, and to teach baking skills to women who are homeless so they can find work and turn their lives around.

Three people were fatally shot and several others were injured in three separate shootings in New Orleans on Tuesday amid Mardi Gras festivities, according to the New Orleans Police Department. He died 14 years ago, but his family is continuing his legacy at each annual parade.

The official colors of the fattest Tuesday of the year are purple, gold and green.

Revelers circle the Monsignor Duncan Center at Holy Angels Catholic Church in a "second line" celebrating Mardi Gras on Friday. Other Southern cities, especially with French heritage, such as Mobile, Ala., also mark Mardi Gras. It is also known as Mardi Gras Day or Shrove Day. The king cake features purple, gold and green icing and has a small trinket, usually a tiny plastic baby, inside.

CAS freshman Charlotte Dankwah is not celebrating the festival this year. "I'm enjoying learning about Mardi Gras", said Angela Carter, who had learned of the event the week before, at a meeting of the National Association of University Women.

If you've ever strolled the streets of New Orleans, you know that this city was built on jazz music; in fact, it's the birthplace of jazz. Really, I think it's just the pageantry, the socialization, the fun of it.

Durham's krewes, some of which date back to the beginning of Durham Mardi Gras, will be visible around downtown during the celebration. "It's the big party before the Lenten season, the ultimate blowout before you give something up for [40] days". You can get most of these at a local thrift store or party store, or if you don't want to spend money, try combining funky pieces already in your closet.

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