Google Activates Pixel Visual Core For Pixel 2 Phones, Third-Party Apps

Xiaomi’s Android One smartphone MiA1 was launched with Android Nougat, but was the first to receive the Oreo update after the Nexus and last year’s Pixel smartphones

Google's February Security Patch Enables Pixel Visual Core for Third-Party Apps

Google is pretty new to the hardware game on phones and better late than never since they changed the smartphone camera game.

This is the first time Google has packed a co-processor on its smartphones, which is mainly the reason behind the slow, phased rollout mentioned earlier.

Google is now enabling the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL's not-so-secret Pixel Visual Core for third-party apps, including but not limited to Instagram, Snapchat, and WhatsApp, through a software update.

Pixel Visual Core uses computational photography and machine learning to boost image quality in third-party apps that allow users to take photos.

Google terms the technology as HDR+, explaining: "Pixel Visual Core improves image quality in apps that take photos".

Essentially, with the Pixel Visual Core inside applications such as the ones listed above, you'll get the same HDR+ photography you get from the Google Camera app. The update will be adding new Augmented Reality (AR) stickers themed around winter sports.

The early-February update to enable the Pixel Visual Core will be rolling out over the coming days. Their strength is in software and they chose to use their HDR + technology first employed in the Nexus 6P that has enabled their phones to take stunning photos. This is because the search giant has activated Pixel Visual Core, a custom-made image processing tech in the handset for third-party apps. "You just use the phone how you did before, and the quality will be improved", said Isaac Katzav, product manager for camera on Pixel. The feature will be rolled out with the February update. Best of all, any app could gain access to Google's magnificent homegrown silicon, provided that the developers follow Google's guidelines in adding Visual Core support to their apps. Also, it has Zero Shutter Lag to capture the frame right when you press the shutter, so Pixel 2 users can time the shots quickly and perfectly.

What's inside Google Pixel Core? The Pixel Visual Core also use RAISR, which should mean an improvement on zoomed-in photos.

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