Canadian citizens found dead in collapsed hotel in Taiwan earthquake aftermath

Taiwan earthquake

More than 140 people missing after Taiwan earthquake

"Rescuers will seize the "golden 72 hours of rescue time" to make an all-out effort for rescue", he added.

The remaining missing, a Chinese family of five, were also hotel guests there. Seven of the dead perished in that building and the remaining missing were hotel guests there.

A maintenance worker who was rescued after being trapped in the basement of the Marshal Hotel said the force of the natural disaster was unusual even for a region used to temblors.

But the building is badly damaged and there are fears it could collapse at any moment.

At least 10 people were killed when a 6.4-magnitude quake hit the eastern tourist city of Hualien in Taiwan on Tuesday.

The daughter of victim Chiang Chen-chang, who was employed at the Beauty Stay Hotel, said she saw her father's name on the missing persons list during her shift working at the emergency operation centre.

There are 92 St Lucians now living in Taiwan according to Taiwan's National Immigration Agency.

According to reports, death toll from four yesterday already rose to 10 as rescuers rake through the collapsed establishments to search for more than a dozen people still missing.

They say the bodies of a Canadian couple originally from Hong Kong were found in a partially collapsed hotel on Friday.

Shortly after midnight, rescuers using equipment provided by a Japanese team detected "continuous red dots", which authorities said likely show "weak and rhythmic actions such as breathing".

"I had to keep composed so I could carry on my work".

Hualien is one of Taiwan's most popular tourist destinations as it lies on the picturesque east coast rail line and near the popular Taroko Gorge.

He said the people who answered his calls were mostly very friendly and would tell him "Thank you for your hard work", which he said warmed his heart.

Nine Japanese are among the 272 injured but their injuries are not life threatening, according to the Taiwan Foreign Ministry. Five people involved in the construction of the complex were found guilty of negligence and given prison sentences.

Rescue efforts since then have been hampered by more than 200 aftershocks as island and emergency services personnel worked through the night, combing through rubble in the rain and cold as they searched for survivors.

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