Bluehole will ban at least 100K PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds cheaters

We still don't recommend making out with moving cars though

We still don't recommend making out with moving cars though

PUBG has been given a big new update that transforms the Miramar desert map. What the patch notes say is that Miramar has been improved with more off-road routes and buildings across the entire map, so players will quickly take cover if they find themselves in trouble. Today's update #4 might be the one that closes the gap for such an intrusion, knowing the fact that new anti-cheat measures have been added. Bluehole has claimed that while the update is available on the test servers, players may experience crashes.

In an attempt to make the map a better experience for players, there have been a number of changes to force players to fight at closer distances, instead of being constantly shot out in the open all the time. Grenade damage to vehicles has also been buffed. Drivers and passengers will also suffer more damage when crashing into objects.

A host of bux fixes, tweaks and optimisation has been applied to the Xbox One version of PUBG, aiming to improve the accessibility, intuitiveness and overall functionality of the experience on console and controller.

"We're now serving up chicken dinners to over 4 million players on Xbox", reads a Bluehole blog post. It seems unlikely players will face bans if ReShade is installed, considering the use of the term "blocked" and the fact the program has been unofficially supported for so long, but you may want to preemptively drop it before that update goes live.

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