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According to people familiar with the change, Apple will continue to have an annual release, but engineers will focus on features that will be released over the next two years, allowing them to move out features that aren't flawless yet.

Instead of introducing a bunch of new features on its annual software update, the company will be more focused on rolling out a bug-free software update.

Apple did not respond to The Daily Caller News Foundation's request for comment in time of publication.

Early reports of Apple's more conservative approach to furnishing the iOS 12 software update are now being fleshed out.

Apple's TV app now supports live news, a feature announced in September when company CEO Tim Cook introduced the new Apple TV 4K.

Bloomberg describes the shift as "an admission of what many customers have already come to notice: Some Apple software has become prone to bugs and underdeveloped features". Reports shed lights on the fact that Apple is developing to building an Animoji feature that will have the same iPhone-used technology: the Face ID technology. It ramped up its own CPU development team and now leads the mobile market in ARM single-threaded performance. "Some things have to be cut, some things have to be rushed".

Piggybacking off of that expanded camera technology, Apple is reportedly working on multiplayer modes for augmented reality games that would allow multiple people to play the mixed reality games at the same time.

The biggest change coming to all iOS devices will be the ability to use third-party apps across all devices including Macs. The next update to macOS is internally known as "Liberty" and will likely be macOS 10.14. First up, iPhone X's favourite Animoji feature will be getting an upgrade, with the introduction of new characters and an improved navigation menu. If a new app capability has to be postponed, the app itself gets updated after the new OS version launches. Additional iPad software upgrades aren't expected until 2019 but they include a feature that would let you run several windows in one app and click between them like tabs in a web browser and a feature that lets two screens from one app run side by side. Expected to be the flagship software update for this year, it will focus on a small number of polished features, rather than a laundry list of additions. There are also plans to be able to run two instance of an app side-by-side.

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