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Update: Apple said it'll fix this iOS 11 glitch, so prepare for another software update between now and iOS 11.3.

Devices running iOS11.2.5 or MacOS are most susceptible to the bug, which causes iOS Springboard, the system app which manages a device's homescreen, to crash. Apps like iMessage, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, Gmail and Outlook will crash on receiving or even if the character is pasted.

The bug has been dubbed a "text bomb", and was first reported on Italian blog Mobile World. Even third-party apps are vulnerable to the bug. In 2015, Apple's devices were plagued by the so-called "Unicode of Death", which caused similar issues when users received a message with a specific combination of Arabic characters.

9to5Mac notes that Apple hasn't revealed a deadline for when updates to current application on the market should cater to the iPhone X's unique display, but those that do will benefit from its features, including Core ML, SiriKit and ARKit.

Telegu is spoken by more than 70 million people in India. The public beta version of iOS 11.3, on the other hand, remains unaffected, The Verge reported. The bug is triggered by sending a message containing an Indian language (Telugu) character to an iOS device. Apple has said that it is now working on a fix for current and previous versions of its OS' but has yet to give a specific date.

The new iOS brought with it a host of bugs for users, with the worst of it hitting iPhone and iPad owners late previous year.

Apple users beware - there's a new bug crashing iPhones.

While users who have faced this issue suggest that the only way to access iMessage again is to have a friend send you a message and then delete the entire thread which contains the "rogue" Telugu character. This could be because Apple had already learned about the issue several days ago. The bug is reportedly fixed in iOS 11.3 beta; however, that update may not arrive for some time.

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