'Black Panther': First Reactions From the Premiere

Wesley Snipes is up for Blade 4

'Black Panther' Star Chadwick Boseman On His AfricanSuperhero: 'It's A Long Time Coming'

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Disney and Marvel Studios might be embargoing critics' full Black Panther reviews until Feb 6, but they aren't forbidding them and other influencers from now sharing their reactions on social media.

Ryan Coogler's film, which stars Chadwick Boseman as T'Challa, an African prince ruling the fictional kingdom of Wakanda whose alter ego is the superhero Black Panther, has been hotly anticipated - but few predicted the universal praise it has received after its debut.

Black Panther now has a ComicBook.com User Anticipation Rating of 4.17 out of 5, making it the second most anticipated upcoming comic book movie among ComicBook.com Users.

"Actually, I figured it would be a leotard", he says. "You've seen nothing like this in a superhero movie - it's bold, lovely & intense, but there's a depth & spiritualness that is unlike anything Marvel has ever done", he wrote. The film also features a mostly black cast. "Seen in a way other superhero movies have not done well". "Royalty is in our DNA", raved The Chi creator Lena Waithe (and Master of None writer/star) on Instagram.

Jen Yamato from the Los Angeles Times called Black Panther "incredible, kinetic, purposeful". Such speculation has resulted in Anthony Mackie (Avengers: Infinity War) and Jamie Foxx (Baby Driver) being linked with a Blade reboot, but it seems a fourth movie is still on the table - even after all these years. "I feel like I felt after watching Wonder Woman BUT BETTER!" "Stunning visuals. Iconic performances. I never imagined anything more than a leotard at the time, which I didn't have a problem with because I started out as a dancer". Both physical forces and intellectual badasses.

South African director and playwright John Kani who plays Black Panther's father in the movie says it's important to have an African superhero.

Fandango's managing editor, Erik Davis, agreed.

Her colleague Tre'vell Anderson described the film as "a love letter about blackness", while Mike Ryan from Uproxx said it was "by far the most political Marvel chapter".

As part of Lexus and Marvel Studios' Super Bowl LII commercial, Black Panther goes for a ride atop the 2018 Lexus LC 500. Expect and demand more from Hollywood. They just had to deal with listening to T'Challa. Black Panther arrives in theatres on Feb 16th.

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